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Sweeten your day the natural way with honey

Sweeten your day the natural way with Honey

Sweeten your day the natural way with honey




Honey is a one-ingredient recipe made by bees, flowers and mother nature herself.

About Us

Mike and Su opened All That Buzz Gift Shoppe Ltd. in the spring of 2016.    Having visited Big Valley numerous occasions over the past several years we knew we liked the "small town welcome" that made us feel like we belonged.    We wanted to be a part of this terrific community and actually moved to Big Valley during the spring of 2017.

O​ur fascination with honey started long ago . . . .  

Su's father, Lawrence, got his first hives when he was 20 years old and farming in southern Saskatchewan.  The year was 1938. Later during WW2 when sugar supplies were rationed, Lawrence supplied honey for his entire farming community.  He kept bees until he left Saskatchewan in 1960 and moved to rural Alberta, settling just outside of Beaverlodge.  He kept on beekeeping until he retired from farming. Lawrence passed this love of bees and honey onto Su.

Mike has always loved honey . . . 

While there are no beekeeping stories in his past, he has been an avid honey consumer wherever we have travelled in our 40 years together.  He is right at home whether it be in a newly found Honey Shop searching for newfound treasurers or in a Honey Producer's facility, surrounded by swarming bees.  

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We are pleased to be able to educate and inform others about the wonders of bees and honey. Our little honey shop is filled with educational posters and bee facts throughout. We are proud to sell Alberta Honey from small producers and beekeepers alike. We have sourced our products with care and are pleased to be able to offer top quality Canadian Honey to our customers.

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