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Fundraising in Bergen with 4H-Multiclub

October, 2018

Bergen 4H-Multiclub is in their second fundraiser selling our terrific Gift Pac's containing two or three 500g jars of natural honey.  They also sell 3 kg pails of two of our most popular honeys. 

If you know anyone in the Bergen / Sundre area please make sure you support these terrific kids!!!!

Our First Fundraiser

October / November 2018

Consort Lodge is currently holding their second annual fundraiser selling our flavored honey from Tu-Bees.


We are thrilled to be working with them again this year. 

New Store Location is Great.

We have spent many hours over the past several months working on renovating this old cinder block building into our Honey & Gift Shoppe.  New wiring, plumbing, walls, ceiling & lights are just the beginning.  We managed to open in time for May 1st and feel we had a terrific first season in our own storefront.  We wish to thank Alex Hagen from Big Paw Contracting.  Without his help we could not have done even a third of what was accomplished.  He is truly a one man miracle worker. 

We have been fortunate that many friends have stopped in for a visit and provided a helping hand along the way.  Many hours were spent catching up and visiting while moving lumber, demolishing walls, painting, etc.  Thank goodness for understanding friends.

There are still some more changes to complete over the next several months and we will try not to let these renovations impact our opening hours.