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Scarecrow Contest Closed

October 22, 2017

The first Scarecrow Contest in Big Valley was a success.  Several businesses in town displayed a wide variety of scarecrows.  We are definitely going to repeat this next year but start a lot earlier. 

Does anyone have any suggestions on turning my Scarecrow into a Santa Display?  I picked up a red T-Shirt that reads "Head Elf".  Wait and see what turns up out front . . .

Fundraising in Bergen with 4H-Multiclub

October 22, 2017

Bergen 4H-Multiclub has just closed their fall fundraiser selling our terrific Gift Pac's containing two or three 500g jars of natural honey.  They also sold 3 kg pails of two of our most popular honeys. 

We are now busy boxing up Gift Pac's so we can deliver by end of this month.  Great job kids!

Our First Fundraiser

October 19, 2017

We just finished our first Fundraiser.  The terrific folks at Acadia Foundation Seniors Housing in Consort, AB sold honey tubes, jars and collectible honey bears.  

"We are so very happy with our Honey!  Thank you -  it was such a new and refreshing fundraiser and we truly enjoyed selling honey!  We will definitely be selling it again next year."

Dina Nelson, Activity Coordinator 

Okotoks Fine Arts High School Fundraiser

This fundraiser has now closed.  We look forward to working again with the students next year.

New Year New Beginnings

As we start 2018 we are getting serious about renovating our new location.  We have walls to demolish, wiring to replace, painting, plumbing and all that wonderful stuff that comes along with it.  We are looking forward to all these changes happening within the next three months so we can spend the month of April setting up the store and moving stock over from our Boardwalk location.  We will post some pictures of our progress along the way.

We will be closed on Monday, November 13th in lieu of Remembrance Day.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.